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Chairman Han Hongwei Formally Establishes Strategic Relationship with McKinsey


Recently, Yushang Group and McKinsey, a famous international management consulting enterprise, held a ceremony formally establishing a strategic cooperative relationship. McKinsey is responsible for fully managing the system optimization of Yushang Group and for planning development strategies.


Han Hongwei, Chairman of Yushang Group, attended the launching ceremony and made a speech. He said that Yushang intends to actively expand in the fields of real estate development, financial and diversified investment, and asset management. He spoke of surpassing the accepted enterprise management model to strengthen the company and make it the leading comprehensive investment group in China.


The main goal of the cooperative relationship between Yushang Group and McKinsey is to explore different internal management optimization directions and to tap into the insight and analysis abilities needed to drive innovation.

Mr. Fang Xiyuan, global managing partner of McKinsy, said that in order to grow faster and smarter, McKinsey will fully seize on industry development opportunities and enterprise vitality. Likewise, Yushang will improve its internal management and operation ability to meet the various requirements of clients and differentiate its competitive strategies and business modes to become a leader in the comprehensive investment industry.

In terms of timeline, at the beginning of 2015, the cooperative agreement between Yushang Group and McKinsy will help Yushang develop insight into the Chinese financial investment market from an international perspective. It was also revealed that from the second half of year 2014 forward, the company will also conduct research on digital financial business models like P2P, the financial supermarket, crowd-funding, and so on. Products are predicted to officially go online in the second half of year 2015. In the future, Yushang will constantly enhance technology research, bring in computing talent, actively explore the Internet financial battlefield, and attract clients from the broad financial landscape.