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Hywin Wealth Makes Appearance in New York Times Square


On January 11th, 2016, Hywin Wealth made an appearance on the widely-viewed Reuters outdoor screen in New York Times Square. New York Times Square is the heartland and most prosperous shopping center of Manhattan. It has been deemed one of the best focal points to "attract global attention" and is also known as the "Crossroads of the World." As the world's highest-profile core commercial area, New York Times Square is the perfect channel to publicize high-end global brands. As such, it is a good platform to advertise excellent Chinese brands to the world. Hywin Wealth is a leading domestic wealth management agency, and its stunning appearance in New York Times Square marks a solid step in realizing its vision of "building a global asset allocation and comprehensive finance control platform."


On the last weekend, Hywin Wewalth also made a two-day appearance on the LED screen of Citibank - a landmark building in Shanghai. Hywin Wealth's shining appearance along the Huangpu River will promote the brand and demonstrate its leadership in the industry.