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“Little Wish” Realizes Dreams of Children in the Mountainous Area of Xishuangban...


On March 1st, 2016, Hywin Wealth and the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation smoothly executed the "Little Wish" commonwealth activity in Xishaungbanna to realize the dreams of children left behind in mountainous areas.

More specifically, the goal of the "Little Wish" commonwealth activity is to make children living in mountainous areas feel societal warmth and care, become more confident on the academic road, and grow into a responsible and caring generation capable of benefiting the country.

At the 2015 Xishaungbanna Annual High-End Client Reciprocal Banquet, with "Respect" as the theme and the "Little Wish" dream wall as a symbolic platform, philanthropic clients of Hywin Wealth granted the wishes of children in mountainous areas on the spot. These clients spread the word about the activity, and the children's wish list was completed within an hour.