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"Seize Momentum, Seek Common Development" – The Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commer...


On March 25th, the Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce Chairman Outreach Session turned out to be a huge success. Over twenty representatives of Henan enterprises involved in fields such as finance, real estate, environmental protection, machinery, and agricultural products attended the session. Hywin Financial Holding Group held the session at the Hywin center as the leading enterprise in the Chamber.

The session suggested that the Chamber of Commerce would facilitate cooperation of its member enterprises in fields such as real estate, logistics, and project investment for the next stage of development. Specifically, that would entail establishing professional logistics committees and communication teams in the industries and real estate sectors, as well as enhancing the acquisition strength of 5A office buildings in key cities such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, etc. At the same time, as a leading enterprise of the Chamber, Hywin Financial Holding Group will also prepare to launch the “Global Henan Enterprise Development Fund” to actively promote industry upgrades and entrepreneurial creativity for Henan enterprises. 

At the session, Luo Hanbing (Executive Vice President), Xie Wenqiang, and others also made a speech on their own businesses in the Chamber.