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Board Chairman of Hywin Financial Holding Group Han Hongwei Attended the Worship...


On March 30th, the magnificent 2017 Worship Ceremony of the Yellow Emperor was held in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor: Xinzheng, Henan. Over 8,000 guests gathered there to worship humanity's ancestor Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan.

Many people attended the ceremony, including Chen Xiaoguang (Central Standing Vice-chairman of the China Democratic League), Xie Fuzhan (Henan Provincial Committee of the CPC & Chairman of the Provincial People's Congress), Chen Runer (Henan Provincial Governor), Xiao Wanchang (Honorary Chairman of Taiwan-based Cross-Strait Common Market Foundation), and so on. Xu Jialu (Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress & Chairman of the Yanhuang Culture Research Association) took the lead. Outstanding entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of democratic parties, authoritative media outlets, domestic and international organizations attended all stages of the ceremony.   

As a representative of excellent entrepreneurs, Mr. Han Hongwei took part in the “wash hands and offer incense” activity, honored the ancestral Yellow Emperor, and prayed for China. Guests who attended these activities also include Chen Zhenxiang (Vice Chairman of Kuomintang), Zhang Sujiu (Director of the Nightingale International Foundation & daughter of Genaral Zhang Zhizhong), Liang Liangsheng (Chairman of the Hong Kong Hakka Association & President of C-bons Group), Yu Anlin (Chairman of the Russia & China Peaceful Unification Promotion Agency & Chairman of the Russia Overseas Chinese United General Assembly), etc.