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Hywin Capital (U.S.) Appeared in Hedge Fund Alert


Recently, Hywin Capital (U.S.) of Hywin Financial Holding Group made an appearance in Hedge Fund Alert. The article reported the international development of Hywin Financial Holding Group and the business of Hywin Capital (U.S.) in the front-page. Upon its release, the news report won multi-party praise in the U.S. The report not only introduced systematic traders and mother fund products of Hywin Capital (U.S.), but also emphasized how the strategic expertise and determination of the Group has enabled the deployment of overseas business and investment channels for Chinese investors.

Since its establishment in 2016, Hywin Capital (U.S.) has made rapid development in various aspects and built a successful core business team by adhering to the strategy of simultaneously developing quantitative transactions and alternative investments. As mentioned in the report, most members of the team come from well-known U.S. investment agencies, each with professional qualificationS and rich experience. The team includes Director of Alternative Investment Mr. Dunham, who has over twenty years of working experience as founder or partner of many fund agencies and family offices, and Director of Quantitative Investment Mr. Lu Haiming, who has over fifteen years of experience in managing investment. It is worth mentioning that the systematic trader team of Hywin Capital (U.S.) is the first of its kind to be built by Chinese enterprises in the U.S.

After nearly a year of preparation, related mother fund products of Hywin Capital (U.S.) are ready. Many Hywin mother funds will be released successively in May, at a magnitude of 40 million to 50 million USD. In addition, Hywin's hedge funds will also be released in the second half of this year or in the upcoming years.

In the past year, Hywin Financial Group has made significant business development in the U.S. Next, the Group will accelerate global business layout of in both Europe and America and provide more overseas investment opportunities to Chinese investors and improve global asset allocation for clients through superior resources and professional qualification.