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Global Development Fund of Henan Merchants Is Founded in Shanghai to Invest RMB ...


Global Development Fund of Henan Merchants Is Founded in Shanghai to 

Invest RMB 30 Billion in Henan Merchants involved Industries

On the afternoon of May 25, the launching ceremony of theGlobal Development Fund of Henan Merchants and the cooperation forum of HenanMerchants were held successfully at the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai.

Zhang Weining, Vice Governor of Henan Province, togetherwith relevant officials at provincial and municipal levels from Henan, attendedthe ceremony, and more than 150 representatives from nearly 50 local chambersof commerce all over the country participated. Vice Governor Zhang Weiningdelivered an important speech. Chairmen of the chambers of commerce fromBeijing, Shandong, Anhui, Shaanxi, Fujian, Yunnan and Chongqing and HanHongwei, Chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai pressed the bigscreen with their hands to launch the Global Development Fund of HenanMerchants.

Vice Governor Zhang highly praised the significance ofthe Fund. He pointed out that its launch initiated by Hywin Financial HoldingGroup makes full use of the concentrated international capital in Shanghai tomake billions of investment in the industrial development of Henan Province andthat it meets the requirement of the provincial Party committee and theprovincial government to promote a structural reform on the supply side, staysin line with the development direction in the Henan actions outline specifiedin the program of “Made in China 2015”, and conforms to the healthy developmentof private investments in Henan Province. Vice Governor Zhang hoped that theFund can focus on fostering ten emerging manufacturing clusters and eight newservice industry forms and contribute to the construction of three districtsand a bank, the implementation of national strategic planning, and theestablishment of strategic platforms in Henan.

With a size of RMB 30 billion, the Fund is proposed bythe Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and founded by Hywin FinancialHolding Group, the leader of the Chamber. As the first fund to support thedevelopment of Henan merchants, the Fund is intended to support globallypotential enterprises and projects operated by excellent Henan merchants,promote regional economic development and industrial upgrading, providecapital, resources, and foreign advanced management concepts and models, andboost the global development of enterprises run by Henan merchants.