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Hywin Financial Holding Group Holds A Party-League Joint Tea Forum Around “Part...


The Party members and the League members of Hywin spent aspecial and meaning Youth Day participating in a tea forum at an art museum. OnMay 4, the Party Committee of Hywin Financial Holding Group organized aParty-League joint tea forum around the theme of “Party Building Studies”, andthe Party members from the First Party Branch and the League members of thegroup participated in the forum.

On the basis of implementing the important speeches madeby General Secretary Xi and responding to the call for normalizing and institutionalizingthe education and learning of “Party Building Studies”, and in order to furtherenrich the work of Party and League building, actively explore the forms ofactivities popular among the employees, and promote the effectiveness of Partyand League events, the Party Committee of the group specially planned thisjoint forum on the Youth Day to encourage the Party members to help the Leaguemembers, give play to the charisma and vanguard role as party members, andextend the influence of the Party to young members of the League.