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Hywin Receives Three Awards from China Bridge-Chinese Venture


On July 26-27, the high-profiled China Bridge 2017Industry Investment Summit was held in Beijing. Hywin Financial Holding Groupwas invited to attend the summit and participated in a discussion with otherwell-known financial investment institutions on the topic of “How Capital LeadsConsumption Investment under the Context of Consumption Upgrading”.

The top industry investments of China Bridge wereunveiled, and Hywin Financial Holding Group and its subsidiary Five Bulls Fundstood out from their peers to receive the awards of “Top Ten Industry Capitalin China” and “Top Ten Innovative Investment Institution in China” for2016-2017, respectively. The “Cura International Building Project” of FiveBulls Fund was rated as the “Best M&A Investment Case for 2016-2017” byChina Bridge.