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Hywin Financial Holding Group Holds “Seminar on Implementing Spirit of National ...


Hywin Financial Holding Group Holds “Seminar on Implementing Spirit of National Conference  on Financial Work and System-wide Risk Management”

Hywin Financial Holding Group paid high attention to theNational Conference on Financial Work and responded promptly by calling for astudy of the conference spirit. On July 29, the group and its Party Committeejointly organized a “Seminar on Implementing the Spirit of the NationalConference on Financial Work and System-wide Risk Management”. Nearly onehundred participants, including the leadership of the Party Committee, themanagement team, heads of all branches, heads of member companies, and partymembers of risk control, compliance, and legal affairs, attended the seminar.

The seminar was organized to implement the directive of“preventing and controlling financial risks and promoting the long-term healthydevelopment of the financial market” put forward at the National Conference onFinancial Work and to perform risk control and compliance management well basedon the actual business of Hywin. At the seminar, the Party Committee of thegroup once again stressed the importance of the National Conference onFinancial Work. It was pointed out at the seminar that the National Conferenceon Financial Work not only clarified the direction of China’s financial work inthe coming five years, the requirement to provide financial support for the realeconomy, and the financial regulatory responsibilities, but also marked thefurther enhancement of the status and role of financial work in the overallnational development. The seminar called for company-wide concerted efforts toimplement the spirit of the National Conference on Financial Work and thedecisions on the financial work made by the Central Party Committee. Theemployees were expected to further enhance their sense of responsibility andmission in doing financial work well and fulfill the requirements of theNational Conference on Financial Work. The risk control capability andcompliance awareness of the company should be enhanced to effectively preventfinancial risks.