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Hywin Fully Launches Application and Promotion of Digital Technologies


As one of the key tasks in the upgrading of Hywin Version2.0, Hywin Financial Holding Group has partnered with Cisco, a worldwide leaderin IT and networking, since 2016 to launch a full digital transformationcampaign by, first of all, simplifying network layout, increasing networkspeed, and enhancing network security. Up to now, the full-digital networkplatform has been completed and put into use in Hywin. The platform effectivelysolves the technical pressure caused by company size and equipment expansion,and the whole network architecture has been changed from top to bottom byupgrading the manual traditional network to new, automated, highly available,and on-demand distribution network.

Hywin’s transformation and upgrading of informationtechnology fully embodies its forward-looking awareness of embracing thedigital age and its strategic thinking in keeping with the world’s leadingtechnologies and leading the reform and development of the industry with aninternational vision. The advanced and efficient network platform lays thetechnological foundation for the innovative and international development ofHywin.