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Careers:Investment Director

Main responsibilities: 

1Evaluating,conducting due diligence, negotiating and executing direct investmenttransactions;

2Researching targetinvestment industries and markets;

3Building and analyzingfinancial models;

4 Writing investmentproposals and reports;

5Assisting portfoliocompanies to succeed;

Candidate requirements:

1 3 to 5+years priorwork experience at an international investment bank, USD fund, equity research,management consultancy, top multi-national firm or leadership role inentrepreneurial firm;

2Strong deal sourcingability;

3Excellentcommunications skills especially in writing and delivering investment reportsand presentations, fully bilingual in English and Mandarin;

4 MBA, CFA, CPA or otheradvanced degree/qualifications preferred from top schools;

5 Engineeringbackground preferred but not required;

6 Strong financialmodeling and analysis skills;

7 Strong analyticalskills to assess and explain market trends and events;

8 Problem solving skillsand the ability to think independently;

9 Willing to worklong hours under tight deadline; Willing to travel.