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Happy Work, Happy Life----Team Building Activity


The competitionin 21century is a competition between teams. The key to improve enterprisecompetitiveness is to focus on team construction, strengthening the team, and building high performance work team. The key of human resources management is tohelp employees who havedifferent backgrounds, different personalities, and different expertise worktogether.

In order to makestaffs familiarize with each other and improve team’s cooperation, meanwhile, to promote thecompany’s "balance" culture, we take an activity in October 2015 in Zhejiang province and the theme is"happy work, happy life".

       At the beginning, the self-introduction, talentshow and cooperation task make a deep understanding about colleagues. “Roman Slings”activities require teams to build the empire catapult and to become the largestempire as soon as possible in the limited resources. This activity promotes thedivision of labor cooperation between team members, strengthens the teamcooperation, this activity encourages a team tobecome target oriented, open minded and positively innovative.

        In subsequent “The Top Chef” round, allteam members were asked to work together, withthe raw materials, and make all the dishes. TheHywin LOGO show and the theme “happy work, happy life” influenced the employees’self-awareness.

        At night, A bonfire party was held, andall of us had a delicious roast dinner. In the applauseand laughter, we strengthened the understanding of enterprise's staff care.

        Team building activity is a method rather than an aim. Funactivities which guide the enterprise’s values, visions and cultures helpemployees identify values of the company.