Inclusive Finance
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    1.Global Configuration       

    Overseas Investment Network Configuration

    The introduction of low-cost overseas funds

    Globalization Partners and Resource Integration

    2. Diversified investment business

    Real estate investment acquisitions with comprehensive real estate financial services

    Secondary market

    Private equity, mergers and acquisitions

    Mother Fund Business

    Our group focuses on non-bank financial products and private equity business in China’s real estate market. We also carry out private securities investments, equity investments, venture capital and other private equity funds, real estate investments, stock market investments, investments in overseas markets, parent fund investments, and integrated asset management. Entrusted asset management, securities and equity investment, and financial advising form the main direction of our innovative asset management.

    Our group focuses on expanding real estate equity investment and developing M&A mature property investment. At the same time, we also explore innovative business areas, including secondary market securities investment business, overseas investment, and other financial derivatives. In addition, by leveraging the open frontier policy, we will continue to expand asset securitization and the overseas real estate investment field.

    Our company not only has rich professional experience, independent research, and development projects, but also value judgment standards shaped by authoritative guidance, diligence, investment strategies, and resource integration. The resultant platform will provide industries with both efficient financing channels and new financial instruments for high net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and other high-end investors.