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    Our goal is to meet the various needs of institutional clients, provide the most suitable of diversified services, nurture the domestic first-class, spearhead internationally-renowned innovation, and craft a comprehensive, win-win financial platform.

    1.Diversified services

    We draw on our network of Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange member units, as well as institutional, professional, and individual investors, to provide professional commodity brokerage services.

    2. Professional research institutions

    The company consists of research institutions that regularly launch transaction type and macroeconomic research reports to provide educated and personalized investment advice on hedging and arbitrage trading schemes

    3.CTP Technical Support

    The company’s API interface features an open, high-performance, and high-speed exchange trading background communication line. We believe that it is necessary to integrate these technical resources in order to provide high-end solutions for the purposes of future industries.