Asset Management
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    We are committed to supplying a wide range of high-quality financial investment products to high net worth clients overseas, providing planning and consulting services to help domestic customers avoid exchange rate risks, and properly allocating overseas assets.


    Currently, the services we cover include private banking, foreign trusts, family heritage, and a variety of overseas tax-planning and other insurance products. We provide these services to help customers efficiently conduct offshore asset allocation, plan for future life, and oversee wealth inheritance.

    We stand by the principle: "For every customer, refer to the customer position as the starting point to provide objective and neutral financial solutions.” We adhere to strict comparison screening processes for various product fields. We strive to provide “updated, better, and more suitable” product information to the customer. Most importantly, with the sharp increase in both the number of serviceable high net worth clients and competition in product R&D abroad, we strive to provide customers with services of the highest quality.