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    Innovative financial services: covers real estate fund, PE investment, asset management, pawn and other financial services, principally engaged in the business of short-term investments, financing consulting and information consulting services business. Relying on professional team and a wide range of resources, providing convenience, compliance, low cost liquidity, help enterprises accelerate development.

    Factoring: Main export factoring, domestic factoring, and factoring-related consulting services – all done on a holistic credit risk management platform. We vigorously promote the company's factoring business market as well as its standardization and internationalization practices in order to provide new and comprehensive financing solutions so that all types of enterprises can navigate difficult financing situations. 

    Financial leasing: Expand business in the automotive, medical, construction, transportation, education, industrial equipment, electronic information, urban, and other public service fields. We provide consulting and comprehensive financial solutions for customers at home and abroad, in the form of direct leasing, back leasing, vendors leasing, leveraged leasing, cross-border leasing, and other leasing transactions.