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Wealth management is becoming the Chinese people's unyielding demand。

    According to a Boston Consulting Group Global Wealth report, private wealth in China has grown 49.2%, reaching 40 trillion. By 2015, the wealth of the high net worth Chinese population will reach a total of 58 trillion yuan. In an aging society where a person works for 40 years (from 20 to 60 years old) and retires to leisure for 30 years (from 60 to 90 years old), wealth management is quickly becoming the Chinese people's unyielding demand.

    In response to this growing demand, Hywin focuses on high-end customers to provide holistic yet personalized wealth management services. We use comprehensive analyses of financial needs and investment preferences to cover all aspects of a consumer’s financial situation and to provide customers with high-quality financial products, proprietary asset allocation, and diversified value-added services.

    We have an excellent R&D team as well as carefully selected high-quality projects across the country. We take pride in our investment and research-driven product development and strive to improve the asset side of our management capacity in order to achieve the full wealth of value-added customer responsibility.

    In terms of risk control, from production to distribution, we conduct in-depth investigations of our product operations in order to ensure product safety and maintain market scarcity.